Several Best Antennas Review
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Auteur Sujet: Several Best Antennas Review  (Lu 214 fois)


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Several Best Antennas Review
« le: 21 juillet 2017 à 11:58:45 »

Here is a good review about some best antennas. Check it out for yourself if you needed.
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Several Best Antennas Review..may be or not
« Réponse #1 le: 21 juillet 2017 à 14:41:03 »

To be able to say that one has the best antennas you have to first be able to provide measurement documents. Where are are the 2D gain curves seen on 6 shots? When I read 1.26dBi .. I laugh. You know the measurement resolution of a professional radiated system? Maybe not. Glue tip of metal in plastic is easy and low cost. Making and guaranting real antennas is a real job...
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